Thursday, December 6, 2007

Giant Construction projects in Riviera

Alb-International Tourism Co. is interested to invest and build huge apartment buildings and hotels in the Albanian Riviera. Those who are interested to become shareholders in these big projects must become partners with our company and invest or buy the apartments and properties which will be build around the beautiful riviera.

The projects will incluede the building and selling of the new apartments with 1,2,3 bedrooms, studios and hotel rooms. Those who are interested to buy or be partners with us in these giant investments and constractions, for more information you contact:

There will be constracted and sale or rent also:
- new restaurants
- new entertainmet centres
- new shops and stores

Around these new buildings will be car parkings, swiming pools, bars, beautiful gardens and parks, tenis courts, etc.

The price for the new apartment will be:
1 bedroom 50.000 euro
2 bedrooms 60.000 euro
3 bedroom 70.000 euro

(an official and proper contract will be signed and the deposites of the investors in the bank will be 10.000 - 20.000 euro)

If you are interested to buy/rent an apartment and use it for 1 week per year,the price is cheap,only 3000 euro for 10-20 years turism contract with our agency. You will be able to re-rent your property or to give it as a vacation gift to your friends or relatives. (3000 euro to live in it for 20 years)
For more information about these small investments go to:

The Albanian Riviera is one of the best in the Mediterran and you will engoy the most beautiful views, panoramas and the warm weather and fantastic beaches in the heart of Europe.

The investments and the deposites for these contra
cts will be only:

- 3000 euro for weekly apartments (using them for 10-20 years turism in the best riviera with only 100 euro weekly maintenance)
- 10000 euro (deposite) to buy 50000 euro apartment
- 15000 euro (deposite) to buy 60000 euro apartment
- 20000 euro (deposite) to buy 70000 euro apartment

If you are interested to invest and profit from these great deals, partnership and business please contact:


Shihni filmin "Albania's Future Riviera"

Shihni filmin "Projekte te reja ne Rivieren shqiptare"

Attention to all Albanians

"You must move fast in doing these modest investings and contribution(uniting with us as many partners) and helping to realise these great new projects to rebuild the destroyed Albania (from Communism). Now the Albanian Riviera is put for sale by its corrupted (ex-communists)politicians and the bad and gready business people of Albania who with the money given to them from the Eastern or Western European countries are trying to steal the Albania's beautiful Riviera and leave Albanians out of it to serve and work still as slaves in other countries, instead of working and using for themselves the Natural Paradise (given to them by God) in our small country in the heart of Europe. Albanians must profit now by this natural gift. Albanians must work to create a high quality life.

Albanian Governments (many of them created from many branches of the ex-communist party) are and will be responsible for the massive sale of the Albanian lands to outsiders who will offer money to them to buy,use and engoy for themselves or profit with their business our beautiful Riviera. Most of the lands in Riviera are already taken way or stolen by the excommunists themselves and some of our beautiful beaches are sold to the outsiders.

You gave millions to these evil thiefs who stole Albanians ( with the pyramide scemes) and put back the communists in charge of the country. So why not to invest smart for good, for yourself as partners of a good business and great projects?

Now is time to be all of us involved with this big business and new projects to build a better life,to save our lands and to engoy more our beautiful beaches and Riviera.

The only way to save Albania from the new tragedy (caused by the inferior and evil Albanians who destroyed us for 60 years) is to gather now all (million) Albanians inside and outside the country to invest together in these giant new projects and rebuild the country,with the big projects which are introduced, not to just profit and make money from them in Albanian Riviera, but to build it before the outsiders steal and take it from us using their corrupted agents inside Albania (as they have done for centuries).We must build now giant resorts and buildings for ourselves or rent to the outsiders and turists the new apartments and share so the life and turism in the Albanian Riviera, but not to sell our lands and beaches and lose them (for 20 years or more). We can manage ourselves. We are not as primitive as the world think for us, that Albanians can't lead,manage and grow themselves.We dont need only outsiders to manage us,because of the bad and corrupted Albanians who destroy us for money and priviledges.
We dont need only others businesmen or nations to invest from outside Albania and profit with our riviera, because we can do the big investments by ourselves, by gathering million of Albanians (inside and outside Albania)to be all partners and with little investments to create giant buildings and turist resorts and new cities(as Las Vegas) by contributing and sharing the profits from them and living a new quality life (even better than Europeans). Why do we have to work for them and others, build other countries and not ours? So be smart to invest,work and unite in these new projects in our Riviera.
- Any Albanian can pay now a 3000 euro to get a weekly apartment in the beach to use it for 10-20 years.

- Many Albanian pays now 50000 euro(even more)for a new apartment. So why not to invest in these great new projects to make our riviera richer and more beautiful and our live better? These big changes will increase the tourism too, from which we will profit.
- Albanian government and media must contribute now in this rebirth of the Albanian life and revolution and big changes in riviera by advertising and help in these new projects. The time has come when we Albanians must live better than others by creating a long beautiful city of light in our riviera where will live all Albanians and visit many turists from all parts of the world. We must change Albania now from the most poor and corrupted country in the world to the most beautiful and most prefered place in Europe and in the world. In this new rebirth of Albania we all must be involved now and unite all Albanians (good and bad) to realise for a short time(5 years)the new giant projects in the Albanian riviera.

Our investments will be small and modest (3000euro+) but the milion Albanians will invest and profit from this giant business and partnership, to live a good life and rebuild our beautiful country and save it from the new destraction; from those who plan to buy and sell (and to take way from us) our fantastic Riviera, our little Albanian Paradise".

Alb-International Tourism Co.(Canada-Albania)

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